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Who we are:

A community volunteer group formed to protect, care for, weed, and revegetate the area historically known as Ashburton Forest.
Our group grew out of Boroondara Council's Backyard Biodiversity Program. We formed in June 2011 and are currently working on weeding and revegetating 2 sites, the small reserve at 88 Ashburn Grove and a reserve in Clifford Close Ashburton.
(melways Ref.60 D11)
The Ashburn Grove reserve was part of the Wurundjeri clans hunting grounds. This area, often called the Ashburton Forest, was an open grassy woodland with many River Red Gums and native grasses. The Ashburn Grove site had remnant stands of River Red Gums, lightwoods,and some native grasses. The Clifford Close site is bounded by Gardiner's Creek.

A Little History:

Alec McClure writes that in the 1920s he would ride to the Ashburton Forest with his brothers. In a box on the old bicycle trailer was an old pot, a box of matches, a knife and a piece of string with a bit of red meat tied onto it. When we got the fire going, we went over to the pond and caught a few yabbies, which we then put into a pot with some water to cook before eating them. We would go down into the creek under the bridge at Warrigal Road and, using a split chaff bag, would drag the reeds to catch small carp. In late 1927 we saw a huge arch made of tree boughs in the forest bearing a sign saying Scout Jamboree.
Ian Hamilton recalls: I knew the Ashburton Forest well and walked all over it back in the 1940's when there were only a few houses between us and the forest. I spent much of my spare time exploring the forest with three mates. We caught yabbies for lunch in Gardiner's Creek and cooked them in our billy cans. We roasted wild mushrooms by setting alight bunches of dry reeds and letting the fire settle to hot coals. We drank deeply of the creek's pristine water. Our mothers never worried about us until dusk, nor did they need to. What a wonderful time it was, and I still have great memories of the forest animals and birds.

Next working Bee:

Sunday 18 August from 10-12. We will be planting and weeding at the Clifford Close site. Join us for a chat and morning tea.

Photos below from Planting Days 2018

Photos below from Planting Day Ashburn Grove 2017

Photos below from planting Clifford Close 2017

Photos below from mulching 2016

Photos below from 2015

Photos below from 2014

Photos below from June 2013

Photos from June 2012

photos from June 2011 working bee

photos from August 2011 planting working bee

photos from September 2011 planting working bee

For more information contact:

Rita and Peter Fellows
Ph: 98856552
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